Top 10 List – The Top 10 Interior Shops in Amsterdam

THE STORY: 10 best Interior Shops in Amsterdam

Okay guys, i studied fashion design years ago, but hey, i guess im much more into interior stuff. I realized this thing about maybe a year ago when i had the chance to make my superduper apartment from the beginning til the end as i really wanted it. I had this fever in me, i looked, i researched, i bought, i tried and i was in such a hurry that people tried to stop me from going deeper into that thing…  Fact is: My boy was still there and he’s not right now. So all the plans failed somehow but this interior feeling and searching for things that make you feel good (more than clothes) is incredibly high and still here. Every single day.

When i visited cities years ago i went for shirts, bikinis and pijamas. Now im going for lamps, tables and those little little superbeautiful things that man dont understand, called Deco-articles.

Top 10 - The 10 best interior stores in Amsterdam

I have to admit that travelling with this hobby makes it much more difficult than the clothing-hobby. Because: some things just DONT fit in your extra checked luggage. f*!

Last visit was Amsterdam and i was ohmygod! in heaven! I found all the styles I wanted and i guess if I would have a house or an appartment i could fill a whole container to ship it over.

Amsterdam is soooo detailled, so raw, so flowerish, so mix-match, a mix between a rusty chair, an industrial lamp, a wooden table with some screws and than, on this screwed table so beautiful flowers in a cool vase that makes everything so homy and comfy.  I never saw such beautiful interior stores in my life as in Amsterdam. Here’s my top 10 list for all interior freaks who are going to visit Amsterdam:

1) Harvest & Co

Harvest & Co is pretty raw, rusty and my favorite interior store in Amsterdam. You can leave your man at the coffee at Harvest & Company and go to see all those beautiful things they have inside their shop. It is also great just to have a look, find some ideas or to lighten your brain up. I especially love their feeling to mix such raw and rusty things with some flowers that match exactly. Every corner of this shop is so personally touched. Love it!

Harvest & Company | Tweede Helmersstraat 90-96 | Amsterdam |

Harvest & Co Amsterdam

Harvest & Co Amsterdam

2) Sukha

Much more feminin, light and lovely is Sukha. I guess Feminin, Light & Lovely says pretty much about this store. Detailled into the last corner. And if you talk to the owner Irene… she has such a warm and light appearance and she acts in such a heavenly way that she makes you calm down and relax immediately. Love that store and im sooooooo unhappy that i couldnt buy the tableclothe that i always wanted to buy at Sukha. A tablecloth made out of old laces … it had a very high price as i heard afterwards, but, hell, i guess i would have bought it, also if it would have cost me more than my interior trip to Amsterdam (including Drinks, including Shopping, including flights, Hotel Dwars and The Droog) 🙂 I love Sukha! Read our review of Sukha here!

Sukha | Haarlemmerstraat 110 | Amsterdam | |

Sukha Amsterdam

3) Raw Materials

Raw Materials says everything…… Hell, no! Raw Materials in Amsterdam is much more than you think it is by hearing only the name of this shop. I’ve thought sometimes about visiting this shop and i just saw raw rusty bins and buckets, metal chairs, orange-brown-black pictures in my head…. but when i visited the shop i was surprised and that in a really WOW -Way! I would definitely change the name of the shop from Raw Materials to Raw Materials & flowers (written supersmall) because, they understand the way to decorate and organize raw things with something, that takes away all that industrial touch. The most feminin lady could live in a room decorated by Raw Materials. I wanted to buy very much things but i didnt had any more space in my luggage. I think Raw Materials can ship and im sure I will let them ship.. lots of things!

Raw Materials | Rozengracht 231 | Amsterdam | |

Raw Materials Amsterdam


Raw Materials Amsterdam

4) Loods5

In Amsterdam we stayed in two different locations, first at The Droog and than at the Dwars Hotel. Besides the “D” as their initial they have some other things in common: They both have Style, they both are beautiful and they both are unique! I would stay in both of these places again! At Hotel Dwars i especially loved the interior of their rooms: simply, a bit vintage (sink), a bit raw (red brick walls) and a bit industrial (lamps). The lamps where love at first sight, already when i saw pictures of The Dwars Hotel on the web and i guess that’s also one of the points why i booked this place.

The Lamps are from Loods5, an interior-shop in Zaandam, 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam Central. Asked, heard, said and i went to Zaandam to have a look at Loods5. I was there for 3 hours by myself and i didnt even see the whole super-mega-Shop!  I guess you could spend a whole day there shopping lots of things. Prices are for some things that i liked really cheap but others are too expensive for my taste. You can see hundreds of different styles (industrial, shabby chic, vintage, country home, african, alpin-mountain-style…)

Loods5 Zaandam

As i said, after 3 hours i left the shop because i had to go back to Amsterdam and i was somehow frustrated because i saw twohundreds beautiful things that i wanted to buy but i didnt even know how to bring all that stuff back home. What i decided: I want to come back and buy lots of things to do a re-make of 4 rooms of a hotel in our town. I hope that Loods5 ships to Italy, if not we have to come with a big big car 🙂 Oh, and by the way: Somehow i was also lucky because i went to Loods5 because of the Lamps from Hotel Dwars and i really got the last lamp they had!  A bit ruined because they had to take it out from the exhibition hall but i bought it anyways. A lamp more in my storeroom (i do have a collection of lamps there) …to use somewhere some-when.

Loods5 | Pieter Ghijsenlaan 14B | Zaandam – 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam | |

Loods5 Zaandam


Loods5 Zaandam

5) Six & Sons

Six& Soons is located in Haarlemmerdijk, 3 minutes away from Sukha but a totally different style. Six & Sons sells some interior things and clothes. There are acutally not that much interior things in the shop, but those who are there are quiet intersting and unique… I really loved the Lamps made out of old playing-cars (again lamps….guess im a lamp-fetishist) and i want to get one, definitely!

Six & Sons | Haarlemmerdijk 31 | Amsterdam |

Six & Sons Amsterdam

6) Sissy Boy Homeland

This is a nice Shop in Utrechtestraat, a lively shoppingarea im Amsterdam where als Hotel Dwars is located. I went there and i found some nice accessoires for my kitchen. They have lovely stuff and since you will visit anyhow Utrechtestraat you should check it out. You will always find something small and nice there. They do have also clothes.

Sissy Boy | Utrechtsestraat 81-83| Amsterdam |

7) 360 Volt

I put this shop on my list and maybe it should be more in the front row, but since i didn’t had time to visit it I cant say nothing about it…. but from the pictures it looks pretty interesting. A shop with lots of interesting and cool industrial lamps! Did i guys told you that im still looking for an old OP-Lamp? Somebody has one or knows where to get it at a reasonable price? I saw one at Raw Materials but i dont remember the price but i guess I didnt bought it because of the price or.. something else 😉

360 Volt | Prinsengracht 397 | Amsterdam |

8) Hutspot

This is not really an interior store, but they do sell some nice accessoires for home. I was in love with the pink cactuses! This place has also a nice bar and its, besides its products a really intersting shop because of its architecture. Different levels .. different spaces.. You should check it out. Try out the shop next to Raw Materials because they have 2 different locations.

Hutspot | Van Woustraat 4 | Rozengracht 204 | Amsterdam |

Hutspot Amsterdam

9) Maison NL

A nice shop in Utrechtestraat. Found a lamp there that i liked but somehow i didnt felt so welcome and so i didnt bought it. But they have some really nice things to buy in that Shop. A small selection of books, home-accessoires, clothes and jewelry (also Jewel Rocks from Bali!)

Maison NL | Utrechtsestraat 118 | Amsterdam |

10) Pauls Potten

Somehow nobody knows Paul Pottens Store in Amsterdam. Maybe because its not quite in the centre. I couldnt visit Pauls Potten this time but i will definitely next time. As what i saw on the web it is a big big and cool interior shop with lots of different designers and brands. Have you been there?

Pauls Potten Flagship Store | KNSM-Laan 39 | Amsterdam | |


I will be back in Amsterdam soon and i would like to visit my favourite 10 but also other interior Shops, maybe your best choices! Can’t get enough from interior shopping in Amsterdam!!! So if you know any other cool interior Shops in Amsterdam please write or comment!


Go for an easy and relaxing outfit because you have lots of Shops to visit in Amsterdam!

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Hotel Dwars | Utrechtsedwarsstraat 79 | 1017 WD Amsterdam | |


I would recommend the Hotel Dwars, a beautiful 9-room Hotel in the center of Amsterdam. A good starting-point to see all these shops from my Top 10 list of the best interior Shops in Amsterdam!

The Dwars Amsterdam

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  1. Desiree says:

    Love to see so many of my favorite places 😉 It is Pols Potten by the way.. many more places at my interior city guide 😉

  2. richcorner says:

    Hi Desiree!!! Oh really, so I guess Pols Potten is worth a visit in September ;-)! Do you know if they ship to Italy too? I do know the site. Is it yours ?

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