Ricardo’s in Odeon Amsterdam: Here the Michelin chef decides what you’re going to eat!

THE STORY: Restaurant – Hotspot in Amsterdam: Ricardo’s in Odeon

If you have a spoilt palate and your stomache rocks like hell you should hush into the amazing restaurant Ricardo’s in Odeon at Singel 460 in Amsterdam. Ricardo van Ede‘s Restaurant is a rough & fair restaurant – a hotspot with an attitude and some really eye-catching details as for example the neon-writing “All pigs go to heaven” on one of the brick walls. At Ricardo’s they serve local and honest food and drinks for a cool price.

Ricardos in Odeon Restaurant Amsterdam

When i went to Amsterdam I thought I can choose what I’m going to eat. Well, Ricardo’s in Odeon was on my list but i didn’t know that the chef itselfs decides what im going to eat. Haha. Normally i would have left immediately because im not that opened-minded to eating-experiences: Im hungry = Im hungry . I want a burger with fries = I want a burger with fries. With lots of ketchup. If you bring me only two fingertipps of ketchup i can get reaaaaaallly reallly mad.
But, since i wanted to try out Ricardo van Ede‘s restaraunt i said to myself: Stephie, calm down, do that. Try it. And we tried it!

And while i was looking around.. the whole atmosphere, the neon-light-writing “All pigs go to heaven” and a sip of a beer made me feel more comfy.

Ricardos in Odeon Restaurant Amsterdam

Our superduper waitress only asked  “Do you have any allergies ?”  Yes, im allergic (i thought telling her that im allergic is more intelligent instead of telling her that i just dont like something) to mushrooms i answered. Oh yeahhh she can understand that because she’s having that tooo and………. while she was talking and talking i forgot all the other things that i normally hate and most of the things i didn’t even tried and never wanted to try and really dont want to try tonight and wanted to mention before…..

But, time has gone, order was made, mushrooms said and the first dish came just right after our two amazing beers (Oedipus & Mama) that we ordered. Our waitress brought us some wonderful and tasty sourdough bread baked by Het Vlaamsch Broodhuys served with home-made butter en lard whipped with pumpkinseedoil en roasted pumpkinseeds. And while she served it she explained us the whole idea and concept of this restaurant. That was interesting and after visiting this restaurant and others i think that every restaurant and hotel should do that! Telling the clients where they are, why they are here and all the things behind is more important than you can imagine!

Ricardos in Odeon Restaurant Amsterdam

But let’s focus on Ricardo’s in Odeon….  with the beers and bread our lovely waitress brought us also some tasty radishes and some-kinda-fish-chips.

Ricardos in Odeon Restaurant Amsterdam

Finished the delicious bread, radishes…. we got our first dish: Low temprature cooked Scottish salmon with yoghurt, pickled red onions, lemoncream, haringcaviar en dill oil.

Im avoiding salmon every time I can because I just dont like the taste of it but this time i had no run-away-opportunity. So i tried the salmon and the mix between salmon, dill and especially the onions was more than WOW. Im sorry Ricardo but im not really a gourmet-girl so i didnt recognize any of the other things in there. I felt some citron somewhere somehow, now i know that it was the lemoncream. Uhm, close but no banana! But this dish was very delicious, I could have it every day!!!


Next dish, Boudin blanc (sausage) with eggyolk, creamed morel mushrooms, garden peas, crispy chickenskin and chickenjus with burnt butter and sherryvinagar was served only for Philip (i was already full because i had 3/4 of the bread while Philip was on the toilet ahahahahha! The sausage was excellent. I just tried a little bit and it was delicious!

After the christmas sausage we went to smoke a cigarette outside Ricardo’s in Odeon: What a relaxing location!

Ricardos in Odeon Restaurant Amsterdam

After the cigarette we were ready for our next dish, dish for both of us because i decided that i dont want to skip the meat. So, now we have : Flapmeat (beef) with celeriac from the BBQ, baby artichokes, Parmesan crisps, pickled celeriac, red wine jus, gremolata (parsley, lemon and garlic). I loved everything but somehow the meat was not cooked in the way I love it, but maybe I should have mentioned the way of cooking before. My fault. But, theres one thing that I have to say for all the dishes we got that night: The presentation of all the dishes deserves an extra * !

Today’s dessert from Ricardo van Ede was a Dessert of lemoncurd, coconut sorbet and crisps, lemongel and snow of fishermansfriend but we skipped that and had a Grey Goose on the Rocks because we were full as pigs on the way to heaven!




Ricardo van Ede’s goal is to let people leave his restaurant even more happier than they came. And he defintely reached his goal! I can say that after leaving his restaurant we were full, happy and over testosteroned by this delicious dinner and amazing atmosphere! WOW! A new experience with great dishes, excellent service and a fantastic amosphere. Dear Ricardo, if i will ever marry i will come to your place to surprise them all with your Hooray-suprise-marriage-meal 😉

Good job. Good price. I really thought that were going to pay more but 80€ was more than excellent for all we got to eat, to see, to drink to feel and to …. WOW!

The dishes come quickly and thats a thing that we love. The waitress is informed! (which is very rare!), easygoing and has always a hit-back. Cool. We do also gave Philip some cheese ( he hates cheese) and he doesnt know until now ahahahaha!!!!! Wonderful waitress.


Well, you should’t maybe come with your ripped-off-shorts but i guess Ricardo van Ede wouldn’t even care. Michelin-Star-Ricardo looks pretty open-minded and he seems to be a very cool guy. But ripped-jeans wouldn’t really fit that location. So take em offff !!!!!!!! and come naked….  or tattooed as the chef. If you’re to shy, put some clothes on and wear something like that:

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Ricardo’s in Odeon| Singel 460 | Amsterdam| http://www.odeonamsterdam.nl |


A 10 minute taxi-drive away, at The Dwars Hotel in Amsterdam.

The Dwars Amsterdam

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