Get away from it all: Check out La Pause in Marrakech’s desert

THE STORY: Hotel Hotspot in Marrakech: La Pause

Sometimes everyone of us needs a little bit of silence, peace and a little nothing around himself…. or maybe I should use the word “romance” to describe all that, but unfortunately this is a word in the dictionary that I cant really understand at this point of my life.

If you are having the same symptoms as I have (or the other ones, called romance-needing) you should absolutely head into the desert of Marrakech: La Pause is what you really need right now!

La Pause Marrakech

Because here you will find all the things that are rare at home: silence, peace, tranquillity and yeah, this little nothing which means also: no light, no electricity… oh yeah, that means also no wifi my dearest internet-addicted friends!

But believe me, if I can, you can – live without all that for some days because you will feel a bit luxurious also without all those happy-makers and techny-things.


During the daytime you can do different things at La Pause in Marrakech’s desert: you can ride a camel.. or a quad, swim in the pool, have a massage or just sit in the sun to enjoy a beer and look over the desert… where nooooothing happens!

I never saw something like that before. The world seems not to end – theres just desert and desert in front of your eyes. Amazing.

La Pause Marrakech

La Pause Marrakech

When he sun goes down you can enjoy a spectacular sundown at the highest point at La Pause and you can see how the staff lightens up hundreds of candles in the whole area. Wonderul scenery – wow. The whole view changes in half an hour. Something that i wont forget to soon!

La Pause Marrakech

La Pause Marrakech

You can have dinner and breakfast whenever and wherever you want. We decided to have dinner at a Berber-tent – it was a set vegetarian menu that night and we had some really good wine. The way back to the rooms are pretty adventurous hahaha! With a solarbulb under my right arm and the rest of the wine-bottle under the left arm we climbed down the little mountain looking for our room – which is not easy without light haha. And second, it wasnt easy at all since my mother had also some crutches at this time but we made it! And when we where there everything was lightened up in our wonderful room – 2 chandeliers full of burning candles on the table, several candles on the wall…. what a beautiful and unique moment when you enter the first time! It felt something like: Ouchhh, i should go out of the room and enter once again to feel all that feelings ONE-MORE-TIME – amazing!

La Pause Marrakech

La Pause Marrakech

Road to La Pause Marrakech

Most of the guests stay at La Pause just for one night – as we did. But I think it would be perfect to stay 2 nights there and book a massage or some activity in advance. La Pause is situated about 35 kilometres away from Marrakech and the way into the desert is amazing! The staff will pick you up in Marrakech and bring you to La Pause – and back. I think this is a perfect place to relax and unwind. Perfect for couples or people who really need to get away from it all!


La Pause Marrakech

La Pause Marrakech



The owner and the staff were all very friendly and helpful. The onle thing we (and also other guests which we talked too) missed is kind of an introduction at the arrival. A few sentences would be enough: breakfast, dinner, what can you do here….. but unfortunately we (and all the others) had to ask for every questions that popped up in our minds. For the rest, everything perfect in a dreamy atmosphere and scenery.


You dont need much at La Pause: bring a Bikini, bring a Jacket because at the highest point it can be a bit windy.

Native Rose Kleid mit SpitzeNative Rose – Denimhemd mit kaleidoskopischem Häkel-DesignLolli – Winner Winner – Neckholder-Bikinioberteil mit Bandeau-Design und Schleife
Native Rose – Boyfriend-Jacke im Militär-Stil mit Gobelin-FlickenNative Rose – Locker geschnittene Hose mit Patchwork-Druck im Kaleidoskop-StilLolli – Pick Me Cheeky – Bikinihose mit Schleife


La Pause | Douar Lmik Laroussiène | Commune Agafy | Marrakech – Maroc | |


Sleep at La Pause for at least one night (book directly on their website) and after that go to the wonderful Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech! Check out our review about Peacock Pavilions!

Peacock Pavilions Marrakech

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