The most beautiful but unorganized Hotel in Marrakech: The Fellah Hotel

THE STORY: Hotel Hotspot in Marrakech: Fellah Hotel

It was love at first sight. It doesn’t happen very often that i fall in love at first sight. But this time it happened again. It was the same as i had with the Siam@Siam Hotel in Bangkok and the Indigo Pearl in Phuket…. two-millions of butterflies in the stomach only by seeing pictures of the Hotel on the web. But this time, as i said… “it was” love at first sight. It didnt became a real love and im pretty sad about that. But let me tell you more about it…

Fellah Hotel Marrakech

I was in love with the Fellah Hotel since I first saw their wonderful and amazing webpage: Amazing colors, beautiful design, everything cool and nothing to worry about. I do have also to admit that this was my favorite Hotel for my first Marrakech trip and if I have a look at the other two Hotels I stayed, named Peacock Pavilions and La Pause being the first choice has to mean something because we’re playing in an upper class here. Since it was (it was!) my favourite choice it was also the last step (to calm down and relax until the last minute) in Marrakech. Well, at least I thought I’m going to relax. Unfortunately all my dreams and thoughts this time didnt really come true. As many of you know i am researching and looking for the best or coolest – always. But somehow this time it didnt work out.

Fellah Hotel Marrakech


The Fellah Hotel is a bit outside of Marrakech City, outside of the Medina and all the crowded areas which is cool. I knew that before and i knew I have to take a taxi everytime I want to go to the Medina or somewhere else. The hotel-area is wonderful – i never saw such beautiful colours and compositions of colors in a hotel before – theres so much orange, yellow, green and red. Amazing. So much nature and a bit of crashy colors in between.  It all seems like a HD picture in real life.

Fellah Hotel Marrakech


We had a supersuperwarm welcome by “Le General” which is, for sure, one of the most beautiful and heart-warming things at the whole Fellah Hotel! After the warm welcome all the warm besides the heat in the air seemed to fly away. We already booked and prepaid our stay before and when we wanted to check in there was already a family there complaining about their room at the reception. But I didnt really thought more about it – this can happen once in a year. (…I thought)

Fellah Hotel Marrakech

After maybe 20 minutes or so the receptionist brought us to the bar to get our welcome drink – which was green and delicious. (He brought us there to not destroy our holiday-thoughts with the getting-louder-women at the reception. By the way…. she was there after a +10 hour flight and two or three little kids! ). The waiter didnt find us so I had to wave a bit around with my hand until they knew that we are the ones to get the welcome drink. Then we were sitting there… sitting and sitting.. waiting for something that didnt came. Nobody came to tell us something about where to go or what to do until I decided to go back to the Reception. Since i booked a private Shopping Tour in Marrakech i wanted to get to my room to change because i didnt want to be late because i payed enough for our Tourguide.

Fellah Hotel Marrakech

But when i went back to the reception they told me that the room isnt ready until now – and it was after check in time! But we weren’t the only ones waiting for our rooms – right now there were some other people waiting for their rooms – and ohohhh a guest sitting also behind the reception looking for another accomodation in Marrakech. So i knew that im not the only one.

Went back to the bar to give them another chance to get my room finally done. At the bar I was super-hungry and i asked for a menu list. The waiter told me: There is no menu list, theres only the buffet today. I told him that I saw another family in front of me having a burger and fries just 10 minutes ago. He looked around (of course they were gone in the meanwhile) and said: no, where ? Have to admit that his behaviour was a bit too dissy for my taste. I told him again that i saw the fries and the burger but he said again: No menu today, only buffet. I do love salad but i didnt want to have a fucking salad after driving from the desert to my favourite Hotel. I wanted to have a tasty and meaty burger and fries with lots of Ketchup! But I didnt got none of it. No Burger. No Fries. Only Buffet.

Fellah Hotel Marrakech

He didn’t gave me the menu and we went back to the reception. At the reception – still no room for us. And than I began to become a little bit louder than usually when I Check-in. And somehow, after a while, it worked. I got a room – many others didnt at that time! I  booked a standard room, and yes, it was very standard. There was nothing really Fellah in the room but it was okay. Since i already missed half of my booked tour in Marrakech City I asked the staff to call me a taxi. They told me there is no taxi available right now. I was a bit louder again and after a while it worked again and i got my taxi. The taxidriver saw how pissed I was and he was just laughing and laughing and laughing. I asked him why hes laughing so badly and he told me: Ohhhh, youre not the only one whos telling me that situation. It happens every single day!

Hell, wow.

Fellah Hotel Marrakech Shop

We went to our Shopping Tour (also the Fellah Hotel has a nice Shop as you can see in the picture above) in the late afternoon and since I was still in love with the Fellah Hotel and there were still some butterflies in the stomac left i told myself: Cmon, forget about it all and have at least a cool and delicious dinner back at the Hotel! So we went back to the Restaurant and since they told me in the morning it was opened til 11 p.m. I already felt the taste of that so-wanted Fellah Burger in my mouth. Mouthwatering i was waiting and waiting and waiting for a waiter. After ten minutes I called one – to get at least a drink in the meanwhile.

Ordered the drinks and saw that my order went from the first waiter to the second waiter… and from the second waiter… to the third waiter. Cool organization! Could be all much easier. But I didnt care. I got a beer and I asked for the menu list because I was starving! The waiter told me *whatasurprise*. “OH, there is no menu list. Today only buffet” I told him that im not going to believe that story and that im starving, that i want to have meat and not that salad buffet! He told me again “Sorry, no menu today”. After the second beer I saw that a family three tables away is ordering from a menu list and than i left my ass-warmed chair and went up to that table. I went there with an expression like “if you dont give the little monster the fucking burger list in less than half a minute i am going to screammmmmmmmmmmm” and I got the menu with a flirty twinkle eye “I will give you the list”. ###f####fgrrrrr#!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered a Burger and Mom a salad. Half a minute after I ordered a unknown women came up to my table and told me: Dont order the burger. My son is waiting since an hour for his burger. They have to get meat from the medina…. After that the waiter came and told me: No burger today. Our neighbours asked for spaghetti Bolognese and of course, they werent here too since the meat was not here. After looking at the neighbours I saw that they’re still there – at around 10 pm – with their suitcases next to the table. We began to chat a bit and the daughter and mom from Switzerland told us that they are still waiting for their room – because (they already prebooked and payed) the room is not there….

I told them that this is no news to me. There were around 10-20 people waiting for their rooms the day we checked in! After getting louder and louder they finally got a room- but another guest had to leave. Dont know what they did with the other guest but everything that day was very very unorganized and suspicious. By the way: The two ladies from Switzerland got a room – but with only one matress! Cool night for that price! Sleeping with my mom for this price at one matress… helllllllll, i love my mom, but I guess i would freak out! This situations are all not normal and that’s why I wrote a mail to the manager. (02.06.2014) He told me thanks for the mail and he will reply soon. (02.06.2014) Didnt got an answer until now. And I wrote my mail …..again. (05.07.2014). Maybe you all are wondering why i want to get in touch with the Fellah so badly….

Fellah Hotel Marrakech

The problem is that we already prepaid our room and we payed again at the check out. And I didnt got my money back (we’re talking about more or less 180€) until now. (Got an answer from the Fellah Staff and they will recharge it 12.07.2014) The day we check out we went to have breakfast at the restaurant, at least we wanted to go to have breakfast…. The receptionist (same as at the check-in) asked us at 7 in the morning what we are doing here in front of the Restaurant at this time. Well, i said.. we’re going to have breakfast. He told me that the staff is not here now. They are beginning at 7:30. I told him that in the room map -that every single room has- breakfast is scheduled at 7:00. He didnt said much and left. I went back to the room – got that f*****- info-map and went to the reception. I showed him that but he just told me: Im sorry for everything (check-in, menu-list, no breakfast… ) but i didnt had time to eat either. And its everyday the same. Cool. I apologized that I was angry with him but i had to leave all that shit out somewhere at the Fellah Hotel. I asked to pay but i said I wont pay for breakfast, he put away 20 € and i payed the rest, superstressed & unknowing that we already paid for everything.

Fellah Hotel Marrakech

After that we left – with a taxi that I organized by myself seeing many people waiting for taxis that couldn’t get one because…. hell, dont know why. I only remember that i called a cab for people who had to leave for the airport because the reception was not able to call one!


*****/***** for the Design, Surroundings…
*/***** for the organization, managment and service

Beautiful colors. Wonderful nature and scenery. Cool rooms and decoration. Hip Hotel for young people or families! But, be prepared. Could be that you get your room. Could also be that you’re there after a 15 hour flight with 2 young kids and you have to wait and argue for 5 hours to get your booked an prepaid room!

Fellah Hotel Marrakech Staff

SummaSummarum: Wonderful place, wonderful. Still in love with all that nature and cactusses and colors and feelings. But they have such an unprofessional Management that I never saw in my life – and i do travel a lot! I hope that they will improve because the structure is there – everything works perfectly but the staff dont. And its not the fault of the staff – its the fault of the management!

I read many comments to guest-reviews of the manager on Tripadvisor and he said that its not easy to work in the western way for Marrakech people. But I think you could improve a lot there. Because people are willing to work and want to work. And they do learn. But you have to show them how to do it! I asked the manager if I could go to his Hotel and work there to help people learn how to work. But as I said, no answer. Thats sad because i think the Fellah has the possibilities. But if its going on like this, forget it!

Fellah Hotel Marrakech

I will come back to the Fellah Hotel one time for sure. And I hope many things changed in the meanwhile. Good luck. Right now there are exactly three people there who are worth the visit: Le General, the Tea-man and the Man at the Bar. Those three are great! The Fellah Hotel is rated the 350 of 460 Hotels in Marrakech. This Hotel with its structure, decoration and cool design could be the number one… but, dear Mister Moahli, I can not do more than write you what I think and reach you the hand.


Fellah Hotel Marrakech


Bring a bikini and a loud voice if it comes to similar circumstances we had!

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Fellah Hotel | Km 13,Ourika road 40000 Bou Azza | Marrakech – Maroc |


Sleep at the Fellah Hotel if they changed in the meanwhile… if not try out the wonderful Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech!

Fellah Hotel Marrakech

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