The coolest Boutique Hotel in Cebu, Philippines: The “Like no other” Henry Hotel

THE STORY: Hotel Hotspot in Cebu City, Philippines: The Henry Hotel

Finding a cool place to sleep in bigger cities is actually not that hard. But finding an x-tra cool Hotel to sleep in Cebu City is more difficult than giving-birth. We do love cool and hip hotels were we can enter either in a suit or in old&dirty flip flops. And after lots of research we finally found one…… the only One!, the Only really cool Hotel in Cebu City: The Henry Hotel!

It is fresh, innovative, cool, hip and clean – and I swear, it is all that at the same same time!

The Henry Hotel Cebu City, Philippines Internet Lounge

The Henry Hotel Cebu City, Philippines

Well, now you’re going to ask me: Why “Like no other”?  Clean, Hip and Boutique nowadays is quiet normal…

Well, lets face it: They do all write that they are a “Boutique Hotel” (some of us don’t even know what a Boutique hotel is… my friend Philip always calls them “Bouquet hotels”… just to let you know how far our minds are… read on here to understand What a Boutique Hotel really is) … They do all write that they are Boutique, clean, new, fresh and innovative….. but only a small part is really like that.

Normally one of the ingredients is always missing in a (also non-Boutique) Hotel, but here I really cant complain about anything! Im ok with everything in this hotel, more than ok, even surprised about many things. I really didn’t expected so many things at this price range.

The Henry Hotel Cebu City, Philippines

The Henry Hotel Cebu Wall

The Henry Hotel (professionally managed by Hospitality International, Inc.) in the Bantilad district of Cebu City is cool but laid-back and it is very refreshing if you travel a lot.


But you should try it out by yourself:

Best thing I can recommend is to check in at the Henry Hotel, also for only one remembering night: Stay in a XXL room which costs 1/4 compared to the same room size in Europe and feel like a lil Star but at home in the same same time.. not only because your home has maybe the same sqm as this Henry Hotel Room! This hotel is a mish mash of new and old (but always cool) that will refresh your mind and give you new ideas!  And you will always find something that you didn’t expected!

The Henry Hotel Cebu City, Philippines

The first time i booked this Hotel I booked through because I never got an answer from the Henry Hotel when I asked for a reservation. Right now I saw that they are available on several booking-channels. Im just wondering why they arent on sites like DesignHotels™,  WhiteLineHotels or Escapio. I think they would fit perfectly into these sites…. [Dear Mr Frers, and all the other Big Ones of these sites….Im here if you need someone to check out your hotels!]


If you see The Henry from outside (most cab-drivers don’t even know about this hotel so pls print out a map) it may seem a bit scary and you will have some thought like “Mhm…. What the hell did I booked here …” Well, the black black superblack statement doesn’t allow to feel better.

But if you enter this hotel the whole scenery will change:  You stomach will feel better immediately, and not only because of the very attractive and smiling staff which is waiting for you in the best hotel-uniforms that I’ve ever seen!

The Henry Hotel Cebu City, Philippines Virus Boutique Shop

The Henry Hotel Cebu City, Philippines

They will welcome you as follows: The ladies (there are only ladies at the reception) are dressed in black pants, a black blazer which flirts with a superbright jeans-shirt underneath, black bow-tie, faky Ray-Bans without glasses and a red red lipstick that seems like the Rouge Dior Baume 855 Sweetheart.  This one fits perfect to their superwhitesmile that they have while they help you!  This look does not only man drive crazy.

The Henry Hotel Cebu Staff

And best thing is: They are super-friendly too! They try to realize every wish you might have. They are all pretty, young and maybe some still in a gastronomy-learning-phase.. they don’t know everything and can’t help you with every wish but they do try. And often this is even better than realizing your maybe-wish at 2 in the morning! And if they don’t know how to help you – the free wifi in the whole hotel will help you out.


The Henry Hotel Cebu City, Philippines Art Hotel

This is not a normal hotel. It is different and atypical and you have to like different things to like this hotel.  This hotel is designy, fresh, young and as I already said, clean which is maybe the most important thing in a hotel!


It has rooms that are actually not only big but XXlarge (also the smallest rooms are (very) BIG – I stayed in one of them) .

You can choose between 4 different roomsizes: Big, Large, X-Large and XX-Large. I had a look at all of them and I was flashed – not only by the size but most of all by all the little detail-things that make me feel dizzy, hippy, happy, crazy and WOW.

The Henry Hotel Cebu City, Philippines

Another difference to normal hotels is that this eye-candy hotel has air conditioning, lightning and tubes all exposed. This might seem unfinished but i guess I’m not the only one who loves that things.


Summa Summarium: Well, there are 38 rooms with a unique décor to see.. I saw maybe 8 of them and I have to say: at the Henry every room looks like a new adventure. I can see a red line between the rooms right now but theres still so much Adrenalin in me when I book a room…Which one I will get? Which painting? Which color? Which floor? The first time I was there I asked for a pink room… and I got my pink pink room which was beautiful…

The Henry Hotel Cebu City, Philippines

The Henry Hotel Cebu Big Room

There are two bars at The Henry Hotel: Rica’s and The Scrapyard.

Rica’s is next to the pool, opened also during the day and will be your breakfast place as well. The breakfast is ok, but it is nothing to compare with the rest of the hotel. ALL the Rica things, besides the interior, are not to compare with the rest of the Henry Hotel, besides the Cesar Salad which is amazing.

We tried the pizza, which was homemade, and I know.. homemade is always special and cool and hey, very wow, but………. This pizza felt so lonely, so empty, sooo without love. We will come back to the Henry and i’d love to send my mom into the kitchen to show them how to make a pizza and invent a Rica-Pizza which is WOW instead of having 4 medium-Pizzas on the Menu! The staff at Rica’s is a bit lazy compared to the other staff in the Hotel. Rica is located in a supercool room with a quirky design, cool and different lamps, a mish mash of different seating options also with superhigh chairs… so huge huge huge that you feel like Alice in Wonderland……… but no Wonderland if the staff there is pretty blah! Like an egg without the yolk in it.

The Henry Hotel Restaurant Rica's

So, the first night you’re tired… Try out some dishes at Rica’s @ Henry Hotel (like the Cesar Salad or a Tuna steak) and the second night you should go to La Maison Rose, which of course, nobody knows, so bring your map! Take a cab and bring em there! A superbuzzy place with 3 restaurants in one garden. La Maison Rose, also called “The Pink House” is something for girls but also my friend Philip liked it. I have to admit that it is a bit kitschy. The food is good but mhm minimal. But the pizza stand is outside.

So have a look inside and try at least one of their dishes and if you’re still hungry you can always get a pizza outside. You should make a reservation because this place is always fully booked! You order via Ipad which, if you ask me, is something that doesnt really fit into that place… but hey, it’s new, it’s cool and it’s there. So if you are in Cebu you shouldn’t miss this place at all, also if you have to order via Ipad.

La Maison Rose Cebu City, Philippines Restaurant La Maison Rose Cebu City, Philippines

La Maison Rose| 371 Gorordo Avenue Lahug | Cebu City | 032-2685411 |

But back to the Henry Hotel and to their dining/drinking options:

There’s a bar at the second floor too: The Scrapyard. I don’t know if they do sell some toast or club-sandwich, guess no, but I would recommend em to do that because we were and we stil are always hungry after midnight. The Scrapyard is the cocktail, beer and wine bar upstairs which is opened also for non-hotel-guests. We went there each night. The drinks were good, the local is interesting, but, If I would have to take a cab to go there I wouldn’t. At the end it wasn’t a real highlight. Inside it was too hot and too loud, outside there’s the sound of the traffic and it is sweaty swety sweaty. The Scrapyard was never crowded and it is also managed by someone else. Guess the Hotel should take care of that nightbar and it could become not only interesting but famous as well. Mr Mirro Reperuga, Go for it!

After-Hour & late-night-cravings in Cebu City:

Well, if you don’t want to take a cab there’s a 7-11 2 minutes away from the Henry Hotel.

Second option: Walk 20 metres and you will find a Karaoke Bar. Im not a Karaoke fan in normal life but somehow on holidays im getting crazy ’bout that. I spent about 7 hours with my friends in that bar. Guess we had enough beer to enjoy there 7 hours singing and dancing in our private Karaoke room.

If you dont want to spent time in a Karaoke room or if you’re still thirsty after that take a cab and go to the “Ballermann streets” of Cebu City. You will find party after party and bar after bar at the IT Park in Cebu. We went there only one night and I guess I have to be pretty full or with a bunch of friends to go there again. Wasn’t that cool when we were there. Waiting for oily french fries for half an hour or having a half-warm beer isnt that what i want. Also the discos there are pretty uhhm.  But its definitely worth a visit, once! (Im sure I will check it out again this year 🙂

Gaisano Country Mall is just a 5 minute walk away. Well, I found 2 kitschy photo-frames there, maybe you can find something else. It is cool to go their though .If you want to do shopping a bit more ..The Western Way i recommend you to take a cab and go directly in 10-20 minutes to Ayala or to SM Shopping Center. The Henry Hotel provides also a shuttle twice a day to those malls. Ayala and SM Mall have cool stores and different famous brands that you know for sure. You should check them out! You can find also those Melissa x Vivienne Westwood shoes at Gaisano Country Mall 🙂 I tried them and they’re pretty comfy! Ahah.

Gaisano Country Mall Cebu City Philippines Shoes



Normally one of the ingredients (roomsize cleanliness, service… ) is always missing in a Hotel, but here I really cant complain about anything! Im ok with everything in this hotel, more than ok, even surprised about many things. I really didn’t expected so many things at this price range . Super-Wow!

The Henry Hotel Cebu City, Philippines

I would recommend the Henry Hotel for 2 nights. 1 night shopping and party and the second day relaxing at the pool. Next to the Hotel there is Michel’s Deli Café where you can have the best sandwich (the baguette with tuna) that I’ve ever had in my whole Philppines-Experience. Guess they have also some local Aspirin if you need that to break up with the last party night.

We have to say that the GM of the Henry Hotel, Mr Mirro Reperuga, has everything under control! We met him once at the hotel and it would be cool to meet him again! Wonderful hotel, wonderful experience! We are coming back this year!!!

The Henry Hotel Art details

The Henry Hotel Cebu City, Philippines XXL Room



Shopping outfit for the first and bikini for the second day.

Native Rose Kleid mit SpitzeNative Rose – Denimhemd mit kaleidoskopischem Häkel-DesignLolli – Winner Winner – Neckholder-Bikinioberteil mit Bandeau-Design und Schleife
Native Rose – Boyfriend-Jacke im Militär-Stil mit Gobelin-FlickenNative Rose – Locker geschnittene Hose mit Patchwork-Druck im Kaleidoskop-StilLolli – Pick Me Cheeky – Bikinihose mit Schleife


The Henry Hotel | One Paseo Compound, Ma. Luisa Entrance Road | Banilad | Cebu City |


Sleep in one of the 38 unique rooms at the Henry Hotel, the House of Cebu in Cebu City

The Henry Hotel

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